Immense 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We at Sri Ganga Yoga Rishikesh offer 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India to yoga practitioners who have certification for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. It is because 300 Hour teacher training course includes the advanced level of yoga forms. You can enroll in this course only if you have perfection in practicing basic and intermediate yoga forms. It will give you an in-depth understanding of advanced yoga instructor skills. After the successful completing course, you will be able to teach every type of student, whether he is a beginner, or intermediate or advanced.

Master your Inner Self and you will be able to Master your life

Our 300 Hour TTC will give you a chance to expand your yoga skills and practice. It will take your teaching skills to the next level. This course is recommended for both intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. It will aid in taking your teaching level to a more in-depth level. Our yoga teachers are known as the most effective one all over the globe. Our training will make you capable of teaching others globally. Thus, it will open a lot of new opportunities for you as a worldwide yoga teacher.

Highlights of Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Detailed information about Yoga Asana
  • Studying Pranayama in-depth
  • Thorough Study of Yoga Therapy
  • Learning Advanced Yoga Postures of Hatha Yoga with modifications, and alignment.
  • Through the study of Anatomy and Philosophy
  • Providing extensive teaching practice

Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum

  1. Advanced Techniques

In our technique class, you will practice various intermediate and advanced level of yoga forms. This will helps you in gaining perfection in practicing advanced postures using props, and dedicated yoga instructors. You will also get a chance to explore more about bandhas use for breath retention.

  • Advanced Hatha Yoga Asanas
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga ( With thorough Details)
  • Kriyas (Cleaning Process)
  • Advanced Meditation and Mantra techniques
  • Pranayama (Advanced Level)
  1. Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology is a vital part of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. Without it, the course remains incomplete. In the session, you will get to learn how to teach others, adjust others correctly during advanced yoga practice, the art of sequencing, what words you should use while guiding others and many more. More importantly, you will develop confidence in yourself to teach complex yoga postures to other students. The main purpose of teaching methodology is building confidence in you to practice yoga with perfection in workshops.

  1. Anatomy

In this class, you will discover all aspects of anatomy. You will learn in-depth about connective tissue and fascia and how physical anatomy relates to different yoga postures, nervous system, respiratory system, structural system, circulatory system, digestive system, and breathing techniques. Thus, you will explore various body systems and how to implement anatomy practically into postures. This will aid you in becoming yoga teacher who is well aware of the effects of different yoga posture on our health.

  1. Philosophy

Philosophy class is our interactive one where you will get to learn about what yoga means, entire yoga history in detail and the concepts of yoga. You will learn in detail about 4 paths of yoga, Raja, Jnana, Karna Yoga, and Bhakti. Our instructors will give you a thorough knowledge of the chakra system and what are its qualities. In this session, we will understand meditation in-depth and how to stay away from mental problems. Philosophy is all about leaning yogic lifestyle and what are its ethics.

  1. Pranayama

As you have taken 200 Hour teacher training course and thus, you know about some intermediate Pranayama. In 300 Hour TTC, you will explore differed advanced level of yogic breathing techniques.

Eligibility Rule 

As there is no particular eligibility rule for 100/200 Hour teacher training course and that does not mean there is also no rule of 300 Hr TTC. It is mandatory to have 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate either from Sri Ganga Yoga Rishikesh or any other Yoga school approved by Yoga Alliance.

Thus, if you don’t have 200 Hour certificate then first enroll yourself in our 200 Hour Teacher training program. Our expert yoga instructors will ensure that you become eligible for next level, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

Advantaged of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Experienced: You already have 200 Hour teacher training certificate and you will get more experience as a yoga teacher by enrolling on our 300 Hour TTC.
  • Immense Knowledge: As level increase with 300 Hour TCC, your knowledge about yogic lifestyle also enhances. You become familiar with more yoga terms and become a skilled yoga teacher.
  • Global Opportunities: Worldwide, many well-reputed yoga schools prefer those as yoga trainers who have 300 Hr teacher training certificate. Thus, you will gain more and more opportunities as expert yoga instructor globally.
  • Eligible for Next Level: By becoming a certified 300 Hr teacher, you can enroll yourself into the next level, 500 Hour teacher training course. The next level course will give you better opportunities in your future.
  • Expert in Advanced Yoga Postures: It will make you expert in practicing advanced yoga forms perfectly and with confidence. All fear of complex yoga postures goes away after completing 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.
  • Health Benefits: Practicing yoga will keep you stay away from various chronic illnesses and more importantly, yoga is known as a remedy for all kind of illness. It leads to you towards a healthy

You can “Give the World Good Energy” by teaching yoga to others. So, book yourself on our 300 Hr teacher training program to become an effective yoga teacher. We all know that Yoga is one of the ways to freedom. You can master yoga and then, can help others to become free from loneliness.