Sri Ganga Yoga Rishikesh is India’s most renowned yoga school that offers 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. The course will aid you to master your skills in yoga so that you can become an effective yoga teacher who can master other students effectively. So, the 500 Hour training course is the right one for those who are ready to immerse themselves fully in an intensive program to practice yoga from basic to intermediate and to advanced level. It is a combination of 200 Hour and 300 Hour teacher training program. So, it is one of the ultimate courses that can give you life-changing and life-transforming experience. The 500 Hour training is recommended for everyone that had transformed many lives.

Enhance your Yoga Practice with Us

Rishikesh, India is the best place where you can begin to explore Yoga and to unfold secrets of yoga from its roots. To become part of our 500 Hr teacher training program, all you need is open mind, and willingness to learn different forms of yoga in-depth and an immense interest in learning and enhancement. We provide an environment for aspirants in which they can learn as a student and can build themselves an expert yoga teacher. So, our course nurtures mentally and physically.  The course will let you explore new opportunities in the yoga world that one true yoga lover always wants and wishes. Our yoga training program is a wonderful journey of the self, and to the self and through the self. Yoga is the way in which you can know about your inner self and your deep thoughts.

Purpose of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Make your life more perfect, universal and comprehensive.
  • Detailed knowledge about Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy
  • Thorough Information and knowledge about Yoga Therapy
  • Learning conventional and classical yoga forms and postures
  • Learning how to guide and assist other students confidentially and  independently
  • Giving information about every aspect of yoga
  • Learning and Practicing Yoga from basic to Advanced
  • Providing a better understanding of yoga postures and asanas

Course Overview of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Asana

The Yoga posture or Asana is a vital part of our 500 Hour Teacher Training program. So, this class emphasis on teaching different yoga postures practically. You will get to learn yoga asanas from basic to advanced level. Our instructors teach yoga forms to ensure that all our students can master postures independently . The session of Asana is very interactive so that students can freely ask the teachers if they encounter with any problem during practice and instructors will guide them very cooperatively.

  • Alignment of Yoga Posture

At Sri Ganga Yoga Rishikesh, you will get to learn how to correct alignment in the yoga posture and how to control body and mind. Further, you will learn how to balance body while practicing advanced yoga posture and even, you will learn how to teach other students who don’t have any idea. Our instructors of 500 Hour teacher training will share their knowledge with you so that you can reach the peak of success in your life.

  • Mantra Chanting

In this session, you will learn Sanskrit words that will bring positive vibes to your mind and soul. The Mantra chanting is all about rejuvenating yourself and finding reasons for your existence in the world. Our instructors who teach Mantra Chanting makes us well-known yoga school that offer the best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India.

  • Pranayama

As Asana is a vital part of our Yoga program, Pranayama is also an integral part. We have highly experienced instructors that teach pranayama to students in such a manner that students can understand what pranayama truly means and signify. In this session, you will know how it aids in improving lifespan and how it is a remedy for various diseases. So, come out of your comfort zone and indulge yourself to pranayama so that you can learn how to stay optimistic in life.

  • Meditation

Meditation is a way to find your inner self and to know about your inner thoughts. Practicing meditation every day makes you happy and see good all the time. In this class, we teach various techniques of meditation and you will explore how powerful it is to change a life. We have talented instructors who will teach your major mediation techniques.

  • Yoga Philosophy

This session will help you in gaining inner peace and it will improve your knowledge about yoga. You will get to learn how to practice yoga every day and how to indulge yourself in a yoga lifestyle. So, our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh will advance your yoga knowledge to next level.

  • Anatomy

In this session, you will learn how yoga is good for us and how it can give life-changing and transforming experience. Here, you will learn and understand the Anatomy of the human body and what is the role of yoga in keeping us healthy and fit.

  • Shatkarma

Shatkarma is a Sanskrit word and its main purpose is the purification of mind and body. So, it helps in taking out toxin from our body. In our 500 Hour Teacher Training, you will practice it every day. With us, you can learn difficult Sanskrit words easily and effectively.

  • Mudra

Mudras aids in curing various ailments and this can bring positive results and can improve quality of life. We teach Mudras, including Gyan Mudra, and Vayu Mudra, etc. So, our course can help you to stay away from negative feeling and thoughts that comes in your mind.

  • Superior Teaching Methodology

With our superiors teaching methodology sessions, you will learn how to correct various yoga asanas and postures. You will get feedback from your fellow students and you can also give them feedback. Our instructors will aid you in grasping techniques and vision to become an expert yoga teacher.

  • Yoga Therapy

With Yoga therapy session, you will learn which type of yoga can cure what type of diseases. The main purpose of yoga therapy class is to make the life of our students better and amazing. For an expert and good yoga teacher, knowledge of yoga therapy is must.

Advantages of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  • Achieve Advanced Level: The 500 Hr yoga program will clear your all basics of yoga and you will learn advanced yoga techniques.
  • Enormous Knowledge about Yoga: After completing our 500 Hr yoga course, you will have vast knowledge about yoga principles and ethics.
  • Learn to teach others: You will build confidence to teach other students who don’t know much about yoga postures and asanas. You will be able to help them in correcting the alignment of yoga asanas.

Practice Yoga and Explore Uniqueness within Yourself

Yoga is not all about learning postures and asanas, but it truly helps you to find good things in yourself. With Yoga, you will explore nature and the world. You will understand it is not about being good at something, but it is about being good to yourself. It will help you in trusting vibes and feelings you get. All you need to feel oneness in yourself to join our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. In medieval times, people used to live a healthy life because of yoga and now, you also have a chance to become a part of that culture.